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Heights given after each description are the expected size of this plant after ten years under average conditions.

Cherimoya/ Custard apples - Seedlings



These delicious fruit from the Andes are unlikely to become supermarket fare because they need to be eaten quickly when they ripen and soften.  At home its simply a matter of picking them some time between August and November and checking for softness in your kitchen.  The further north you are the earlier they ripen, but having a wonderfully flavoured fruit ready when there is little else is OK!

We have very few grafted plants ready, but from the experience of others, growing seedlings together can give excellent results.

Cherimoya  Bronceada Seedling      $20
This variety is widely popular in many countries for its steady production and excellent flavour  

Cherimoya  White  Seedling        $20
Although this cherimoya does have extra white flesh it is actually named for the American family who selected it. Large fruit. 3m

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