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Heights given after each description are the expected size of this plant after ten years under average conditions.

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Here are some uncommon but very desirable natives not readily found in garden centres.

Teucridium parvifolium      $15
Rare in the North Island, this shrub has thin twigs and small spoon shaped leaves. Although it likes some shade it will be at its twiggy best with reasonable light. 2m

Miro........Prumnopitys ferruginea         $15
One of our forest giants, this conifer has attractive foliage as a young tree in the garden. The ferny leaves of dark green carry plum coloured, grape sized fruit which Kereru (pigeons) love to eat.  4m

Matai.......  Prumnopitys taxifolia            $15
Matai has the interesting ‘wire netting’ juvenile stage.  The twiggy growths all interlace for years, then miraculously a trunk and normal growth of a forest conifer take over.  I’ve seen these planted in street divider beds which I found adventurous!  3m

Ferox lancewood .....Pseudopanax ferox           $15 
The young lancewood leaves have big teeth (ferocious).  These trees need no room at all and are often planted in groups. Narrow trunks support a crown of smaller leaves at maturity.  3 to 4m

Kohekohe......Dysoxlum spectabile             $15
In my opinion one of the loveliest native trees.  It does best on the coasts or as the understory beneath large trees.   The large glossy tropical leaves are joy, but the tropical habit of hanging orchid like flowers from the trunk and branches points to its tropical origins.   4m

Tanekaha......Phyllocladus trichomanoides          $15
The Celery Pine is so named because the foliage of this unusual conifer comes in clusters of celery like divided leaves. Usually grows a perfectly straight trunk   4m

Kaiwaka.........Libocedrus plumosa              $15
Fresh light green ferny foliage Is so pretty that many people don’t believe this a rare new Zealand conifer.  The bark of older trees is spectacular, but in the garden its the foliage that attracts.  3m

Pukatea........Laurelia novaezelandiae           $15
Not many trees like very wet feet, but Pukatea can foot it with Harakeke flax.  The leaves are rich dark green with saw teeth edges.  Older trees develop big flanges or buttresses, a tropical character. 3m

Tawa.....Beilscmeidia tawa              $15
One of our largest majestic trees in the forest.  Young Tawa like shade to start life, even if they can break through into the sunlight as they grow.  3m

Streblus smithii       $15
Like many offshore natives this plant has faced extinction, but now is becoming safe through propagation and garden planting.  It has large shiny oval leaves and tends to grow in horizontal layers, slowly growing taller.  2m

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